Friday, January 16, 2009

Joe the Control Room Guy

Yes, yes - the conclusion of the Joe the Control Room Guy has been posted.

Which probably means I will have to hurry up and finish the illustrations.

After that, maybe I'll proceed to another sequel, or a related story. I already have the story about that wreck almost ready, and then there's the Black Hole... but finish that one first, and let me know.


At 20 April, 2009 19:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i so far love the joe the contol room stories, it reminds me so much of my job that i actually have read most of the story just sittin here at work.

At 21 April, 2009 18:50, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

Thanks, anon - I am glad you are enjoying it. It is fiction, though derived from a a real place which (alas) no longer exists.

But I ought to ask - how far have you read? Because there are some complex parts ahead.

PS: I hope you don't fall asleep at the console. (hee hee)

At 22 April, 2009 15:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well currently have read to chapter 23, and the terms are not too confusing. I do just sit at work and watch 3 computer screens for 8 hours, but the subsidiarity had an extensive glossary

At 22 April, 2009 16:47, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

Well, they really are about the same thing, though one is a story and the other is a introduction to a very technical matter - so the one helps the other.

I may have to write up a glossary for "Joe" as well. But I'd rather work on the new story.

PS: My e-mail is available on my profile

At 22 April, 2009 16:52, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

RE "eight hours"

I hope your development department does as good a job as Joe's did...


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