Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Carmelites on the Loose!

One of the many projects-in-progress on my large (or is it long) list of entertainments is a series of short stories called Cloister Multicast, about a cloistered Carmelite nun who... well. Maybe you can tell from the title - it's a networking term I learned when I was doing that spot transport project. If not, maybe you might like something with a little high-tech adventure.

I have two of the stories so far posted over on my story blogg:

The Vestal of the Lord
Maxwell's Angel

There are actually three others completed (though the fifth actully centers on Joe Outis); there are supposed to eventually be nine total. We shall see.

And if you are wondering about who Joe Outis is, he's that "Control Room Guy" you've heard me mention. Yes, these are the same Carmelites who - er - well, they don't appear, of course... hmm. Let me try that again. Yes, this is the same cloister where the chapel is that Joe and Andy go for Mass.


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