Thursday, January 01, 2009

The next chapter

Well, here we are in 2009, and I decided to symbolise the next chapter of our lives by posting the next chapter of my novel, Joe the Control Room Guy.

It may seem a bit odd to note the Octave day of Christmas with a piece of fiction, but it is somehow suitable. The chapter is the 53rd, which is also appropriate. (NO there are NOT an infinite or even indeterminate number of chapters, there are in fact less than 90; I told you it is a complete story.) Also, it is called "Joe Goes Solo" as it tells the story of Joe's first overnight shift all alone. (That's right, and there are even a couple of quotes from that famous Christmas movie about being home alone. Hee hee.) Yes, it is complete, but there is no rule that says I cannot write more. I already have, and undoubtedly will write more, and not just about Joe.

But I will not talk about hopes or expectations today - everyone else is doing that. I'd rather get back to real writing, which very few others are doing. And certainly not with such a curious - dare I say "catholic" collection - of materials! (hee hee) But I think perhaps I will get some more things posted here, and finish the posting of "Joe" - and also over on the story blogg too. We'll have to see how things play out. Meanwhile, best wishes for a good 2009!


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