Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Drawing and a Photograph

If you really want to see what I look like, as well as an approximation of what I look like, then you can go here and have a laugh.


At 10 July, 2005 11:35, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Dr. T- I forgot that you're an artist- I have a walking stick, also, but one that folds like a magician's wand. Missed the GKC mug- will go back and recheck.

Nice pics, Dr. T,

At 10 July, 2005 12:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rats, Doctor T- I did a "me."
Ok, reposting.
Well, to thank you for sharing, will give you a riddle to solve, that not even our dear Mrs. Brown is aware of or will know until she reads this. Please let me know how long it takes you to figure this out- and as you are the Mike Tyson of riddle-solving, I will guess 90 seconds :)
Regarding my moniker.
It's not my real name.
But I chose it for more than one reason.
Anonimity, not that I'm anyone special.
It's why we're here blogging.
And because, for some strange reason, since I was nineteen years old, people I know have mistakenly called me by either "Faith" or "Hope"- out of the blue, then apologize with an embarrassed, "I don't know why I said that..." It has happened with either name sporadically for twenty-five plus years. Just a coincidence, not one I get upset about but do wonder about.
Anyway, now for the riddle.
I am still teased about my real name. The teasing has never bothered me, and I've heard all the jokes. There are two common spellings- mine is the longer, but I will answer to either :) Originally, it was a name for a male, meaning "messenger". The female meaning is "childlike, or youth." And surprisingly, it is the title of my occupation.

Gosh, I bet you have it already,

At 10 July, 2005 12:52, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

So you use a cinnamon. I mean a pseudopod (no, that's what snails have, silly! Oh - they are gastropods? Really?)

Ahem! Well, so do I. (Or should I write "sew due eye"!!!) I mean I use a cinnamon, too. Or perhaps you thought my real name is Thursday? Hee, hee. I already explained that here, three days ago.

But really I won't try to post a guess. If I am right, I blow your incognito. If I am wrong, well - who wants to be wrong in public?

And I am not sure how you can tell which spelling (short or long) from the pronunciation, hee hee.

Oh, I guess you meant there are two pronunciations, spelled differently, and you answer to either.

Well, I know a Greek word for messenger - it looks like this in English letters - AGGELOS - though it is not pronounced that way. I did not know it had a different meaning in the feminine, but I know so little Greek... And your name is also the title of your occupation? Hmm. I guess the 90 seconds are up. Oh, well. But don't post the answer here; you'll have to go hunting for more cinnamon - or for snails.

On the subject of names, it was always curious to me to see how Jesus stated: "You are Simon, son of John; you will be called Peter" and then never calls him Peter - but the others do. Then there is that nasty little trick in "Acts" where someone forgot to translate the Aramaic into Greek, so there is this other "Cephas" character who seems to "pop up" with no background...

(Solution: Cephas is a version of the Aramaic word for "rock", just as "Peter" is a version of the Greek word for "rock"!)

Actually, I use the name "Hope" for a character in a story I wrote, though I put it into Greek so it came out "Elpis" (no not Elvis!) He's an ER doctor.

At 10 July, 2005 13:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Doctor T, for not blowing my cover :)
What I mean is, people sometimes spell it wrong, altho it is a correct spelling, pronounced the same way, just not the way my folks meant it to be spelled.
Your writings are quite interesting.
Completely understanding the "also known as"...
"Hope", eh? I know who Elvis is- but do you mean "ER" the show? I haven't watched it much, so I don't know.

Gotta go read your other comment-

At 10 July, 2005 16:40, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

So sorry I am misleading you about "ER" etc. I will try again.

I wrote a story with a character in it named Dr. Joshua Elpis. (That name sounds like "Elvis" but there is no connection except in the sound. The Greek word elpis means "hope.") He is a doctor in an emergency room, at a hospital called "St. Stephen's" and this has NOTHING to do with any TV show. His main sidekick is a nurse, Alice Conor.

There. And perhaps one of these days I will post a story. Actually he is also in a talk that I once gave at the GKC conference...

At 12 July, 2005 18:31, Blogger Jeff Miller said...

Are you holding a swordstick? Or would that be carrying Chesterton too far?

At 13 July, 2005 07:28, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

I wish it WAS a swordstick!

Actually it is a cane. When I get a swordstick AND if it can hold me up I will indeed use it. If it cannot hold me up, I will carry it around for the fun of it, and stab at sofa pillows while trying to think what to write next... (hee hee)

And I do not think I could carry Chesterton too far - he was quite large, and as you can see, I am large too, but not THAT large.

In the drawing I am holding a pencil. The red thing in my pocket is a magic wand (I use it in doing certain kinds of programming...)


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