Wednesday, July 06, 2005

SWQR: Triple Trouble For Rupert

Triple Trouble For Rupert by Ethelyn M. Parkinson (1960) Scholastic. Location: Important Fiction

This book is a collection of 11 short stories about Rupert Piper, a sixth-grade student. They are very nice, funny stories, believeable, realistic and homely, which use some very interesting words. One character is named "Trowbridge" but called "Doodleberries" or "Dood" for short. Another word which I really like is "worky." Here is how Rupert uses it when he is trying to earn some money to buy his mother a present:
"Mom," I said that night, "what can I do to help?"
"To - help?" Mom looked at me. "Rupert Piper, where do you hurt?"
"I don't hurt, Mom," I said. "I feel good and strong and worky, so I'd like some job to do."
There are other charming word-paintings, such as how "old gravity was there" to pull jam off Rupert's toast, or when the girls propose a hobby show for the class:
Behind me Clayte moaned. I moaned back.
Some days (when I feel worky) I strive to imitate GKC. But other days (when old gravity is around) I moan and wish I could write books as excellent as this.


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