Thursday, June 30, 2005

Short Wednesday Surprise (late)

Yesterday I got home from work, and my sister asked if I wanted to eat at an Italian restaurant which we both like, so we went.

As we went inside, she asked, "Isn't this the day our aunt likes to come here?"

I told her "I have no idea." I looked back outside, and saw my aunt, uncle, and cousin drive by... In a moment they came in. How nice we came on the same day for once!

So we ate dinner together. I was going to get some dessert, and my aunt murmurs, "Don't bother, come over to my place - I have some cannoli." My sister chimes in, "well, we can come, but I can't stay long."

Then I started to suspect something.

And when we got to my aunt's, my cousin opened the door, but his parents weren't there...

In a just a few moments, they came into the room with a cake stuck with lighted candles! Two of the candles were digit-shaped, but for security purposes I omit further details. While it was not quite as surprising as they intended, it was a happy time!

No, yesterday was not my birthday. That day, however, is coming soon.

But I told my aunt I would write this little story and put it here for the e-cosmos to read...


At 30 June, 2005 22:42, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

Happy Almost Birthday!
It was nice, just that they thought of trying to surprise you, how sweet!

Now, where's that cannoli Auntie promised???!!!

At 02 July, 2005 18:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy B'day to be, Dr. T.



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