Wednesday, June 22, 2005

2005 ACS Conference Sidenote: Loome Books

One of the best things about my recent journey to Minnesota was visiting the two Loome bookstores in Stillwater. One sells general-topics used books. Among other things, I got a couple of curious-looking science texts, two monographs on Latin ("Sounds" and "Forms") and another on compound words in English - it quoted some of the longest words I have ever seen - and they were in Greek! I started laughing out lound in that solemn bookstore - alas, eyebrows were raised. (hee hee) Yes, these were nice long words, lots of fun. (Move over, Mary Poppins!) In fact, I will deal with them in a separate posting.

BUT! one of most wonderful places I know of is the OTHER Loome store. It is the "theological" section, and it is housed in a little old church (some denomination, I forget what). You have to see it to believe it - a perfect site for all kinds of stories... The only drawback to it is that it is rather dark for a bookstore. But the charm, the mystery - and the AWE! Imagine: An entire row of shelves FULL of books by St. Thomas Aquinas! - including gigantic volumes labelled "Opera Omnia" all in Latin, published by driection of Pope Leo XIII. Wow. Liturgy, Saints, hymns, et cetera... (I KNEW I had not brought enough money.) I got some very interesting things on liturgy - sooner or later it ought to show up here - or else in my software. (Oh, I haven't explained that yet; I will, don't worry.) On and on and on the shelves go, all over the former choir loft... Just amazing.

(Note: I have no connection with them - but I am a SATISFIED customer!)

I look forward to next year's conference, and another visit to the treasure houses of Loome. And I iterate my posting below: I am very thankful there is such a place.


At 27 June, 2005 20:22, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

You didn't tell me (or I didn't hear) that you went there, too! I just happened to stumble on it whilst taking a side trip to Stillwater to see some restaurant that we ate at once 15 years ago, and just driving down a side road...and there is Loome. And from there, we had to go to the Theological place, and it was just as you describe, and it IS totally awesome.


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