Thursday, June 16, 2005

Deo Gratias!

Alas, my usual Day-oriented postings have been disrupted, but that is merely a part of the Great Journey to the annual Chesterton Conference!

And so: Thank God for a long but safe journey to Chesterton-land! I am here, with just a few hours to go before the activities get under way.

I will report on both the journey and the conference later - and look forward to meeting Nancy of the Flying Stars! I have already met Mark Shea! I have also met the youngest Ahlquist, who is named Gabriel - an important name to any Thursdayite, and to anyone in the communications professions. (The archangel Gabriel carried the greatest of all messages - that is, Mary's "fiat" - from Nazareth to the Eternal Throne!)

One little thing I will report: on Monday night I was perhaps more Chestertonian than usual, since I stayed in Chesterton, Indiana - not, however, named for our Big Guy, Uncle Chestnut.


At 16 June, 2005 16:59, Blogger Marc the polar bear said...

We were wondering where you have gotten to. Dont forget to bring back a moose. I am sure Chesterton wrote SOMETHING about moose. :-)

At 18 June, 2005 15:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posting from the library somewhere near the Chesterton society meeting....
I've seen Mark and Gabriel and everyone else, too!
And Dr. Thursday, you add a spark to this conference, thank you for being here!
The wonderful thing about Chestertonians, I find, is that they are so full of laughter. How wonderful it is to hear a room full of people laughing and having a wonderful time because they all love the truth. And beer, wine and Stilton cheese. Petta wine. Allen beer. And good conversations.
All you others who aren't here: make plans. Next year, this has got to be on your agenda!
Nancy Brown
Flying Stars


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