Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fat Thursday June 23, 2005

It was great to meet the wonderful and inspiring and funny Mark Shea at the "Century of Heretics" ACS Conference last week. Except that he lacked a moustache, I must say he definitely approached my mental image of GKC far better than many others - even better than me! (Or so I have been told...) This is because Mark is somewhat taller than I am, and thus closer to GKC height. However, we did not compare weights, and perhaps I have him there.

But we both had a good time, and he even knows my "secret" identity (which is not all that secret - more of just a BIT of a joke, hee hee.)

Which suggests a very appropriate quote in honour of the day:

At a Distributist meeting someone said to Chesterton: "You seem to be enjoying yourself," and was told: "I always enjoy myself more than others, there's such a lot of me that's having a good time."
[Maisie Ward, Return To Chesterton 132]


At 27 June, 2005 23:04, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

Great quote! There's more of me that's having a good time...considering Chesterton's notorious size, that is so funny!

I would say Mark was somewhat larger than you, Dr. T. And that's being generous! His proportions were much more Chestertonian, but I think you still have the upper hand in the laughter department.


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