Friday, July 08, 2005

Miss Blogg: Dearest Sweetheart or Eternal Enemy?

It's raining here, and as usual I am trying to do four or five things at once, at least one of which is waiting for a machine to finish its work. Meanwhile, I will look into a question Nancy had asked...

Well, well, well...

You know how people say you can find anything in Chesterton's writing if you look hard enough?

I was looking for something else (as usual) and found something which made me wonder just how GKC really DID feel about Frances Blogg. It is quite suitable for the weather outside, and makes me want to go have some of yesterday's birthday cake... was not for a baby that [GKC] had written Greybeards: it was for Frances' young cousin Rhoda Bastable, and the Fish poem in that book was part of a comic campaign carried on by the two of them against Frances. Gilbert loved clouds and showers, Frances blazing sun. He and Rhoda founded a Society for the Encouragement of Rain. Membership cards were inscribed, President Rhoda Bastable, Secretary G. K. Chesterton, Eternal Enemy Miss Blogg. Meetings were held "on Salisbury Plain," where under the sign of an umbrella members were invited to partake of cakes and coffee in the rain.
[Maisie Ward, Return To Chesterton 99, emphasis added]

Yes, isn't it funny how one can take things out of context? Of course you already knew that the Bible says there is no God! (It does, in Psalm 52(53) verse 1)

And speaking about being out of context, this strongly urges me to review one of the truely GREAT books - The Phantom Tollbooth - next Wednesday. Of course that is such a wonderful book I could probably not handle it in the space constraints... well, we'll see.


At 10 July, 2005 14:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Between the kids and all, Doctor T- I'm a hit-or-miss poster-
I'm with GK- definitely prefer a cloudy day with grey skies and a cool breeze- not so much of a rain dancer, tho. The warmth of the sun on a cold day, or its light to read by is welcome, but the brightness is somewhat bothersome. So, due (or dew) to my preferences, I have yet another moniker, this one from the mister... "Mort", short for Morticia.



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