Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Exciting Part

Well, I have decided to byte the bullet. Today I posted seven chapters of my novel. Yes, the one about Joe the Control Room Guy:
... but how can I really comment about what's in them? It's not fair for me to say.

Yes, we're embarking on the exciting part now, so I can't even post pictures or give hints.

Except I will say this, which won't spoil anything for the true mystery fans out there: if you have been wondering about the Wreck which Joe was involved with - the wreck of the Phosploion, which happened on the shoals east of Quayment back on December 22, 2001, you will get a hint or two about it. But the story has been written! It is a rather curious Christmas story, told in two parts, and it is a good deal shorter than this novel, but since it happens before the novel which is happening in 2004), it is of course a sequel - yes, that's what I said. So keep reading, and when you are done, perhaps you will get to read that one too. Among other things, it also gives a good deal of insight into both the Outis family and the Weaver family, a little of the larger action of Quayment, and a bit of the provenance of the relic which...


Oops. Did I just say "relic"? I didn't say anything about any relic. There's no relic mentioned so far in my novel about Joe, anyway. I must have meant to say something else. (Heh, heh, heh.)

But then I've promised that you'd meet a cloistered Carmelite too. Maybe you ought to find out how such a curious person can have anything to do with cable TV and all the rest. Ah, alas: how poorly even well-planned fiction can give a taste of the real world...

(Except if you really want to know more about the real world, check out Subsidiarity where you can learn some of what the real Control Room Guys actually dealt with. It's also the exciting part, and though they remained invisible, the Carmelites had a lot to do with that too.)


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