Thursday, June 22, 2006

Rusty Droppings on Campus

I post this by request. It was written in tribute to the schools which must not be named - which I must admit have truly disgusting heaps of what is herein described!

Yes, there was some on the lawn just outside ChesterCon.

Dr. Thursday

Rusty Droppings on Campus

I hope that I shall never meet
Those loathsome creatures which excrete
Their rusty droppings on the grass
Of every college that I pass.

(I'm sure you know just what I mean.)
These monsters, though, are rarely seen,
But in a classroom once I heard
That they're a kind of ancient bird

With metal wing and eye unblinking
And of sulfur ever stinking,
Choosing forges for their nests,
Horrid, shrieking, filthy pests.

"It's art," say some as they walk by
This mess offensive to the eye.
Art is what they've never seen
In sky of blue and grass of green,

But not in this brown pollution.
So, herewith, is a solution
To this problem I've complained:
Get these creatures campus-trained!

begun August 25, 1990, finished August 26, 1990


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Thank you!

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