Monday, August 15, 2005

Why Mary Wears Blue

Why Mary Wears Blue

When they told me that Mary doesn't wear blue,
I ran home and asked; she said: "That isn't true."
So I said, "Dear Mother, oh please tell me why
Your robes always rival the clear summer sky."

"Oh, my dear little one," she said with a grin,
"I've worn many robes, and green isn't a sin.
But there are good reasons why I now wear blue,
And I'm very happy to tell them to you."

"In ages of knights, when but few men could read,
A sign of identity each one did need.
The coat of arms stood, like his name, for a man -
With seven bold colors they drew up the plan,
Giving meanings to each, and when they chose blue,
They meant, like the sky and sea, faithful and true."

"I see, my dear Mother, because I have heard
How blessed are those who hear and keep the Word.
You said, `Be it done unto me as You will';
You stood at the Cross there on Calvary's hill;
At Cana you said `What He says, you shall do';
So faithful and trusting, your color is blue."

"You know in your day that men walked on the moon
And seen in its night sky the sun's glaring noon;
When your Father and mine planned our lowly earth's sky,
He arranged it to be much less hard on the eye;
As I sheltered my Son in my robe at His birth,
The sun, wrapped in blue, sends its light to the earth."

"Yes, dear Mother of God, so our poor science sings
Of the wonderful truth found in such common things:
Dust in the air scatters sunlight around,
Brings the sky colors that art has not found;
A daily apocalypse - blue sky, golden sun -
An icon of you and Christ physics has spun.

"Water, the humble, always seeks lowest place;
A sign of rebirth which Christ gave to bring grace.
The mighty blue ocean, deep beyond measure,
Full of life, wondrous, full also of treasure;
Risky and dangerous, the sea can wreck and kill -
But Christ calmed its waves, commanding `Peace! Be still!' "

"Mary, my Mother, star of the blue sea!
Humble like you please help me to be.
Like the ocean, unsounded by plumb-lines or hooks,
Your depths only glanced at by thousands of books;
As truly the ocean repeats sky's blue shade
You're the mirror of God, whose will you obeyed."

And while I was thinking about what she said,
And hoping to find out why Jesus wears red,
She faded as did the faint light I had seen
And I only saw my computer's blue screen.

Then one final fragment alone I did hear
As from a great distance though quiet and near:

"Just like the sky, the Church, spread out from west to east,
Directs daily colors that are worn by the priest -
Sunset purple and red; gold and white sunrise new;
But Mary alone shall be always in blue."

(March 9, 1995)

Happy Feast of the Assumption!


At 16 August, 2005 10:41, Blogger rhapsody said...

Hi Dr. T,
Ok, I'm out of scrap material- I just made a magnet of the "Polish Madonna" to put with the other one I have at work of the Annunciation.
So, how long have you been writing poetry? Can you give me a rough idea of how much I should set aside for future reference?
Or should I page Miss Watson?



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