Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Another Long Word from GKC...

Today's "Short Wednesday" word is "Popplepunglechump" and I have supplied it embedded in a very nice portion of an essay. Today we will also have a contest. You will get five points four your House if you post a comment with it used correctly in a MEANINGFUL sentence. If you are not in a House, I cannot give you any points, but I will send you a token which you can use towards a free chocolate bar. (Offer void where taxed or prohibited. You must have the Chocolate® For Windows® or iChoc® for Mac® device installed in your system in order to use the token(s). Sorry, no gold tickets will be available in this chocolate.)

There is a whole romantic region of human life, which seems to me quite as important as what is called the love of nature, that is so much neglected in popular philosophy that it is hard to find so plain a popular word for it. If I call it Childhood, everybody will suppose that I am going to be sentimental; or, what is far, far worse, educational. If I say it is Telling Stories, it will be thought that I am not only returning to the nursery, but to the moral language of the nursery. If I call it Popplepunglechump, it is possible that the word may fail to explain itself. But I mean all that vast unrecorded output of more or less infantile imagination which used to fill the lives of almost every family and especially of every large family. This great game of the family consisted very largely of inventing other families; imaginary families with peculiar names but most pertinacious vitality and will to live. But there were many other variants of the same form of fancy; imaginary voyages; imaginary countries; desert islands and very comfortably appointed rafts.
[GKC, ILN September 8, 1934. (not yet in CW) Thanks to Frank Petta for supplying me with this essay, and my mother for help in transforming it into AMBER.]


At 10 August, 2005 10:58, Blogger rhapsody said...

Off topic, Dr. T,
Want to invite you to my new blog-
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Comment if you want to, or be part of the [cricket] symphony...LOL!!!
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Plus, do you mind that I have you linked there? And, would you mind if I posted some of your poetry there?
Thank you for your incantation at Mrs. Brown's for linking- I finally remembered what you said about hiding things, and also, I told you I'm a good copycat :)

Hope you like it...
(tough 1)...

At 11 August, 2005 09:35, Blogger rhapsody said...

Dear Doctor,

Tag- you're it!
Joe tagged me for a "Hefty Book Meme"-

I did not list mine as extensively as he did,

...but I did manage to tag Mrs. Brown :)
Okay, so go to my new ping blog-
I actually had a different shade of pink at first, but I couldn't adjust it properly so I changed to this one. Laff if you want to. If my little one had her way, everything would be pink- houses would be pink... inside and out :)
Anyway, you are missed- I am not the only one who has noticed that you are uncharacteristically quiet lately- LOL!!!

Please comment on my annoyingly pink blog- just so's I knows you're okay- when you can.
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