Wednesday, July 20, 2005

For Best Results, Set the Volume to Max

For Best Results, Set The Volume To Max

For best results, play at maximum volume.
[On the back of "Rush," the first album from Rush.]

Some one asked me if I could imagine Christ walking down the street before a brass band. I said I could imagine it with the greatest ease; for Christ definitely approved a natural noisiness at a great moment.
[GKC, Tremendous Trifles]

When Jesus walked the earth, He liked to sing
Those psalms which still so many pray.
They didn't know of rock or fugues or swing,
But the Temple's horns would blast and bray
The Roman tuba also cleared the way.
The strings of David's harp were never lax
Though "cithara" is now "guitar" they say...
For best results set the volume to max.

One Sunday as the palms waved for a King:
The crowd - so quick to crown, so quick to slay -
Happy, loud "Hosannas" from them did spring,
Alarmed, the legal loudmouths ordered "Nay!
Keep them quiet! Their shouts the walls would sway..."
Said the Word, Whose horns caused Jericho's cracks:
"If they don't sing, these rocks their debt would pay."
For best results set the volume to max.

The faithful people still with joy will ring
For, just like them, their King in death did lay,
But the Way out of the grave He did bring
If His commands they would only obey.
And so, restored, this useless bit of clay
With keys of words and notes and whites and blacks
Works hard to shine of Truth another ray
For best results set the volume to max.

Practice well, you who sing the Song, and play
Your CDs, organs, tapes, guitars or sax;
Await the concert of Unending Day...
For best results set the volume to max.

(July 29, 1998)


At 20 July, 2005 21:44, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

Beautiful work.

At 21 July, 2005 19:57, Blogger Marc the polar bear said...

My ears are going to hurt.

Turn the volume to 11. :-)

At 25 July, 2005 09:02, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My youngest yells at me when I set the volume to max- :) And elbows me even if I just hum along during the mass :( And she's not a teen, yet... :0!!!

What Nancy said...


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