Wednesday, June 08, 2005

"Too serious, too long"

So perhaps no one has actually said it. But maybe it's true.

Hence, for the VERY FIRST TIME, I will post one of those fantastic, intellect-shattering "MODERY" poems which are all the rage. Perhaps I will explain their origin sometime: yes, it has to do with computers. Chesterton has a poem about such things, too, which I may also post sometime (or at least a link if I can find it in the e-cosmos.)

No that is not a typo: these are called "modery" - M, O, D, E, R, Y.

Tree-shaped motorcycles tiptoe ravenously
Along the well-tempered staircase.
No atrocious furry dice are calculating,
Sipping brandy snifters full of goat's milk,
In their after-dinner vestiture, so chrome, so thin.
Will the chocolates ever remain impervious?


At 08 June, 2005 16:25, Blogger Joe said...

AACK!! My intellect is shattered!

It wouldn't be randomly generated, would it?

This, too, can be done for computer science technical papers. Did you know, Dr Thursday, that we collaborated on a paper? LINK

At 08 June, 2005 16:56, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

Yes, I remember that one all too well - how you convinced me to leave out all the references to my doctorate, which is so startlingly similar... and then all the revisions we had to make until they accepted it.... Whew! I remember how we fought to keep in the reference to Rerum Novarum - but they said the argument was just as strong without it - well, I still do not agree, and I am sure you feel the same.

But now that we sold the rights of MartIsland to Intel and Motorola, I've retired, and can write lots more...

Oh, you didn't get the check yet?

Too bad.

No, that is NOT the truth of this wonderful new advance into literary style, though it does have a relation to computing, and I can assert (without loss of generality) that it would not have been invented unless I had gone back for the Ph.D. But the rules of Short Wednesday won't permit a longer answ

At 09 June, 2005 00:12, Blogger Joe said...

MIT's cache of the paper is already cleared. No matter. We can generate more.


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