Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A Picture of Tuesday

GKC wote a story called "A Picture of Tuesday" which can be found in IP's CW 14. In case you are not into GKC tech code here is the translation:

GKC means Gilbert Keith Chesterton (who married Frances Blogg, hence this blogg!)
IP means Ignatius Press
CW means Ccollected Works of GKC published by IP (there are some 20 volumes available so far)

Anyhow, it is a short story and very interesting, and has some creative (ha! see below) link to GKC's great novel, The Man Who Was Thursday. I would have more to say about it, as I wished to honor Tuesday appropriately, but I cannot this time, for reasons I will explain in a separate entry (see elsewhere). And I dare not spoil GKC's wonderful story by telling you thkngs you ought to be surprised about! But I will quote something for you, which will not spoil it, because I promised (in another entry) that I would explain about shifting the days of the week. So here is the excerpt:

"It is certainly very good," he said, "like creation. But why did you reckon Tuesday the second instead of the third day of the Jewish week?"
"I had to reckon from my own seventh day: the day of praise, the day of saying 'It is good,' or I could not have felt it a reality."
"Do you seriously mean that you, yourself, look at the days of the week in that way?"
"The week is the colossal epic of creation," cried Starwood excitedly. "Why are there not rituals for every day? The Day of the creation of Light, why is it not honoured with mystic illuminations? The Day of the Waters, why is it not the day of awful cleansings and sacred immersions - "
["A Picture of Tuesday" CW14:62-63]

Next Tueday we shall begin - and perhaps see the Division of the Waters...


At 31 May, 2005 10:41, Blogger Marc the polar bear said...

This Tuesday theme is most curious. We will be patient to see where it leads.

And we will continue to follow the prayer theme with great interest, as we try to see things from the Computer Scientist's point of view.

Alas, I be a philosophical and theological ursine, even though I be only a simple magister in theology. (Although I was repeatedly told that my masters thesis was really a doctoral one in scope. So I must have done something right.)


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