Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Octave of the Blogg

Today is the octave day of this Blogg. It is also Fat Thursday, so here is today's entry:

For fatness itself is a valuable quality. While it creates admiration in the onlookers, it creates modesty in the possessor. If there is anything on which I differ from the monastic institutions of the past, it is that they sometimes sought to achieve humility by means of emaciation. It may be that the thin monks were holy, but I am sure it was the fat monks who were humble. Falstaff said that to be fat is not to be hated, but it certainly is to be laughed at, and that is a more wholesome experience for the soul of man.
GKC, The Uses of Diversity 100-101

In tribute to Sam Frankel, I did not post here yesterday, and I hope to report on things more fully a little later. In particular, I hope to write a little about Sam, and if you would like some background, you can find it here.

However, I did some commenting over on Nancy's wonderful "Flying Stars" page, and somewhere I used the term "e-cosmos" for this little world of ours - so now I need to give the reference, so here it is:

My great ambition is to give a party at which everybody should meet everybody else and like them very much.

Mr. Gilbert Chesterton
requests the pleasure
Of humanity's company
to tea on Dec. 25th 1896.
Humanity Esq., The Earth, Cosmos E.

[Maisie Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton 61]

So there it is. Cosmos E or e-cosmos... Actually in another place I have argued that this E stands for Ens which is that almost untranslatable Latin word from Scholastic Philosophy - it means "Being"... GKC calls it that, becausethis is the Cosmos that IS.


At 02 June, 2005 20:47, Blogger Marc the polar bear said...

Actually in Doctor Who, there is a pocket universe called E Space. Now I wonder if they got that from GKC.

Or perhaps...E-Space,the Chesterton frontier
These are the bloggings of one Doctor Thursday,
whose daily activity requires some quoting of GKC,
seeking out new inspiration and bottle of bitter,
to trapse along bloggingly, like no darn tootin' buddy has plum ever done before.........

At 11 June, 2005 04:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the fat quote from Chesterton is from "On Pigs as Pets."


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