Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Julian's web page

There is a brilliant young man I know - his name is Julian Ahlquist - or Jules for short - and I had the happiness of laughing with him during the ACS "Heretics" conference last week. Among other things, he performed a skit from the earliest Star Wars movie (the 1977 one): specifically, the scene in the Death Star where they are discussing things and Darth has his famous line "I find your lack of faith disturbing..." (hee hee) Jules performed all four parts, and it was superb.

Jules is a student at Christendom College, which I visited earlier this year. (An aside: during that visit I had the distinct joy of meeting the famous artist Ben Hatke!)

But Jules also has a very interesting web page. I should say something about what is interesting, but just about all of it is interesting! For a short Wednesday, however, I should single out two aspects for your delight:

First, the collection of strange quotes filed under the heading "Sethics". These would be unbelieveable and perhaps explained by a malfunctioning imagination, except that during the conference last week I met another person who has actually witnessed Seth saying these almost incredible things! They are very funny. Also, I have seen the same kind of thing in graduate school, where it is far less noticeable (we're busy with our dissertations, and so don't mind - or notice - departures from normalcy quite so much!)

Second, perhaps more significant in the year when we remember GKC's Heretics, the collection of very unusual "facts" collected under the title "Funny Fallacies". (Some of these were actually discovered by your humble servant!)

I hope you will enjoy this page as much as I have.


At 22 June, 2005 16:35, Blogger atheling2 said...

Interesting Dream Section...

At 27 June, 2005 20:19, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

Thanks, Dr. T. I had already forgotten about this, especially the Sethics part, that's what happens when you cram so much fun into one brain in one weekend, and follow it with a banquet when wine is flowing, followed by an after-banquet evening with more wine flowing, followed by a vacation where the internet is denied me and for some unknown reason it never occurs to me that I could write things down in something like Microsoft Word...
Lengthy way of again saying, Thanks.


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