Monday, August 25, 2008

Armed Canines: CD cover for "Beached Beagles"

If you have been reading my novel you know that Ann Appleton, a young genius audio engineer, is out in California, on loan from Kallisto Recording in Kettlestown PA, to the very famous studios of Desert Sunsets, to record the new album for the rock superband known as the Armed Canines. You no doubt have their number one CD, "Beached Beagles", which has the hilarious album cover that looks something like this:(You can double-click on the picture for a bigger version.)

Unfortunately, where the album title ought to be, our artist has put in Randy Tullman's rock autobiography, A Dog's Life. We are assured that this will be corrected before the hard-cover edition is released. We spoke with Randy Tullman, the amazing lead guitarist of Armed Canines, in his California home, but he declined an interview about their forthcoming album. Apparently he feels the novel will provide sufficient detail.

Please note: no real dogs are used in any of the art, music or text. They were all stuffed, just like the humans are.

(Oh, no thanks, I can't eat any more. Really. But it sure was delicious!)

Update: On Aug 31 2008 I have finally revised, er, I mean the artist has revised the picture:
(Remember you can double-click to get a larger image.)


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