Friday, February 13, 2009

The Wreck of the Phosploion

Perhaps you have read my novel about Joe Outis (whom you may know as "Joe the Control Room Guy"), and you are wondering about Joe's role in the famous wreck of the Phosploion back in December of 2001.

Or perhaps you have spent an obscene amount of money to buy a copy of The Black Hole In the Basement from Weaver's Books - I mean Loome who has it for sale (hee hee) and you are wondering about a certain very remarkable book (and its even more remarkable contents), and the connection between the Weaver triplets and the Felsens - and Joe.

Or perhaps you've read both, and are wondering about how a complex story about cable TV can possibly be linked to a very strange store that sells used books, and that - uh - certain something contained in that old book.

Well, I have decided to offer you the opportunity to learn a little more.

Yes, now you can read about the wreck, as told from the view of the Weavers.

For convenience in posting I have made four parts:
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

I am sure that it will raise a large number of questions. Some of them are answered in the Black Hole and its sequels; others will be answered in future parts of the containing saga - if they are ever answered at all on this earth.

(As you no doubt suspect, there is another installment, in which you will hear Joe tell the story = it will appear another time. Also, the printed edition will contain two short prologues and an epilogue which help link things together.)


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