Saturday, September 27, 2008

Prayers for the Dying #2

The second of the high tech and Chestertonian implementation of subsidiarity in the most generous manner - that is, the second of "three tender and useful prayers for the dying" - the Latin from the 1898 Rituale Romanum, with my attempted translation. (I have also tried to indicate the changes to plural.)

Tres piæ et utiles morientibus Orationes cum tribus Pater noster, et tribus Ave María, in agone mortis recitandæ.

Secundo dicitur: Kyrie eléíson. Christe eléison. Kyrie eléison.

Pater noster. Ave María.

Oratio. Dómine Jesu Christe, qui pro nobis mori dignátus es in cruce, óbsecro te, ut omnes amaritúdines passiónum, et pœnárum tuárum, quas pro nobis miseris peccatóribus sustinuísti in cruce, máxime in illa hora, quando sanctíssima ánima tua egréssa est de sanctíssimo córpore tuo, offérre et osténdere dignéris Deo Patri omnipoténti pro ánima hujus fámuli tui (horum famulorum tuorum) N., et líbera eum (eos) in hac hora mortis ab ómnibus pœnis et passiónibus, quas pro peccátis suis se timet (timent) meruísse: Qui cum Patre et Spíritu sancto vivis et regnas Deus in sæcula sæculórum. Amen.
Which is, approximately:
Three tender and useful prayers for the dying, with three "Our Fathers" and three "Hail Marys" for recitation in the agony of dying.

Second is said: Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.

Our Father... Hail Mary...

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Thou Who deigned to die on the cross for us, I beseech Thee, that all Thy bitter sufferings and punishments which Thou bore for us miserable sinners on the cross, most of all in that hour when Thy most holy soul departed from Thy most holy body, Thou would deign to offer and show to God the Father Almighty for the soul of this Thy servant, and free him in this hour of death from all punishment and suffering, which he fears he has merited for himself by his sins. Thou Who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.
It will be our turn one day. Perhaps by this publication someone will say them for you. Or me.

PS: if you can supply a better translation, or corrections to mine, please do so.


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