Sunday, May 14, 2006

O Generous Queen

O Generous Queen

1. With noble words and praise now let us sing
Her majesty the mother of the King.
To Bethlehem and Calvary she went,
With the Twelve prayed that the Spirit be sent.

Chorus: O Generous Queen, Mary, God's mother,
Show us, poor exiles, Jesus our Brother;
You are the woman who broke Eden's curse,
Our mother the Queen of the Universe.

2. Perfect Reflector to science unknown
Mystical mine of the True Cornerstone
Chosen loom which wove everlasting thread
Still and silent air where the Word was said.

3. You said "I am the handmaid of the Lord"
Though your heart would be pierced by the sword,
"Do whatever He tells you" you did say,
And you were the first to follow His way.

4. Holy Mother of God, to you we fly;
Despise not our prayers when to you we cry;
From all dangers always deliver us,
O Virgin generous and glorious.

Made Jan 3, 1995, revised Jan 5 1995


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