Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Night Watcher

Night Watcher

She made her choice, she turned the key -
Locked in so that she could be free.
And while the clock past midnight creeps
She watches while the city sleeps.

She sees the truckers on the pikes,
The busses, cars and motorbikes,
She asks for safety on the road,
And please that no one need be towed.

The hospitals she visits next,
Nurses, doctors tired, vexed...
She asks that all not be in vain:
The fear and suffering and pain.

The airplanes go far overhead
(While many people are in bed)
For the cockpits and the tower
Protection begs with all her power.

Police (with sirens) on a chase,
May they win their deadly race,
Their thankless job - so very hard -
"May Michael's sword be their sure guard."

Across the mountain wires run,
Where they bottled up the sun -
Meter watchers check the amps...
"Lord, they light our city's lamps!"

Four floors above the printing press
They just typeset the mayor's address -
The editor's blood-pressure climbs...
(One hour until they print the Times.)

All those at work and those who rest,
She tells of to her waiting Guest:
"They have no time in sweat or sleep,
So for them I will sigh and weep."

She sees the homes, hears quiet streets,
(A candle flame, and her heartbeats).
The mother touching her child's face.
"Have pity on the human race!"

And eastward turns her mind in thought
One third earth's width, to where is wrought
The ultimate in human act
Anointed hands now reenact.

She sees her nothingness so frail
But trusting that her words won't fail.
"May God have mercy, may He hear
My poor prayer." And then a tear.

And in the Hall of Endless Day -
A smile... the tear then wiped away.

[Made March 8, 1993]

[Note: At midnight, it will be 8AM local time "1/3 earth's width" to the east. Daily Mass is often said at 8AM, at least where I live.]


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