Saturday, February 18, 2006



More than beaches full of sand
Are the wonders of the hand.

Hands with fingers, first through fifth,
Bones and muscle, God's great gift.

Hands which carry candle light,
Hands which move the pen to write,

Hands untiring knead the bread,
Hands which lay to rest the dead,

Teaching hands all white with chalk,
Hands which help the young to walk,

Hand that holds, the thief arresting,
Hand upraised, the truth attesting.

Hand with needle, fixing clothes,
Hands put seeds into straight rows.

Hands in gloves pour molten steel,
Driving hands turning the wheel.

Hands hold playing cards or bats,
Hands are patting dogs and cats.

Hands at work and hands at play,
Hands which move both night and day,

Happy hands clap in the air,
Quiet hands which fold in prayer.

Shaking hands, friends old and new;
Hands to serve, not me, but you.

Finished Aug 13 1992.
Posted in memory of my mother


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