Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Playing Saul's Spot (part II)

My former boss told me that I had forgotten a very important step. Well, I had not forgotten it, I had just decided not to put it into the poem.

So I thought about it, and dashed off an addendum... Here it is:

(13) This is the bill that Saul has to pay, which he got from the Ad Salesman, and generated by the Traffic Coordinator, based on the log which came she got from Pump, received by the Big Dish, echoed by the Satellite, far out in space, transmitted by the Little Dish, out in the Field, as directed by Ferry running on the Portal, which got it from Ferry running on the leaf where it was written by (12)

Yes, there's more to this whole picture - lots more! But it would get really boring. And even if you already know about ad insertion, and have read my other poem, you will still wonder where subsidiarity fits in. This part, however, is NOT boring. It is very interesting - and work is proceeding, slowly but surely.

The next part of the puzzle I am presently facing is to try to get our Uncle Gilbert to stand on his head. Also I find I am going to need a picture of a Purkinje Tree - special bonus points to anyone who knows where they grow! And you are NOT allowed to use any Internet search tool to find out!


At 29 September, 2005 15:10, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

Wild Guesses, but it sounds like India or Pakistan, someplace east Indian or Arabian...

And I didn't do it (because I was not allowed) but if you google, then go to Images, you may even find a photo of it....if it is a real tree, or a drawing if not.

Happy subsidiary writing!

At 29 September, 2005 16:16, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

Very strange guess, a VERY strange guess - your suggestion of the east might derive from the Chssterton quote I will use in the discussion... You are going to think I am quite the lunatic when you find out...

Hmm, a "real tree"... but if it is, where does it grow? And how can one ever see it? Or photograph it? Maybe nearer than you think...

But I'll wait a little to see if anyone else wants to make an attempt, then I will post my Chestertonian hint. It is very strange, yes, very strange indeed. How the HECK did he know about this?

At 30 September, 2005 07:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I cheated & looked it up in the dictionary- otherwise I would have said a tree from the tropics.


At 30 September, 2005 22:10, Blogger rhapsody said...

Thank you for adding me!



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