Monday, January 07, 2013



I have just written the LARGEST piece of source code I have ever done in my entire life. The source code measures about a quarter of a gigabyte, and yes, that does include comments. In fact, one routine probably exceeds all the source code I have ever written, in my BS, my MS, my PhD, and over 30 years of industrial software development.

And even nicer, it is provably correct... the acedemics would drool at that.

Unfortunately, the compiler just died with a "FUNCTION TOO LARGE" error.

And no, you don't really want to know what it does - though it is useful, I don't want you to make yourself sick when you start laughing at it - so maybe I will tell you in a future posting.


At 10 January, 2013 12:31, Blogger Belfry Bat said...

Have you been playing with the four-colour theorem?

At 21 January, 2013 11:47, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

No - ooh, what fun! I can't tell you how many computer screens I messed up with my crayons. Hee hee.

No, it was something else. I wrote something up to explain it, and I will post it eventually.


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