Wednesday, December 12, 2012

for 12/12/12 a sonnet to the Free Monoid

Sonnet to the Free Monoid

This simple truth, O wise, do not forget:
Though words and letters be your stock in trade
They, like all truths, in Wisdom wrought and made,
Obey the strict rules of an alphabet
Of choice letters, each one distinct and plain,
And made like us with hands both left and right,
Endowed with power, thoughts to put in flight,
By stringing them into a finite chain.

Oh the joys concealed in this verbal band!
All poems, essays, rich, trite, old or new,
A simple set linked trainwise, hand to hand,
Secret spell of all literary brew...

Lead us to Truth as mages came afar
To find the Infinite Word by a Star.


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