Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Just in case you have not been keeping track, we are now halfway finished with the publication of the great Saga, De Bellis Stellarum. Seven of the 13 volumes are now available!

1. The Wreck of the PHOSPLOION

The Three Relics
2. The Black Hole in the Basement
3. The Creatures That Live in the Walls
4. The Horrors in the Attic

5. The Tree of Virtues

From Darkness Into Light
6. Three Things Which Go Well
7. What More Do You Want?

You can click on the titles to learn more, or to order. Also see the Saga web-site, www.DeBellisStellarum.com, for more information. Check back periodically for new stuff - I am trying to coax our art department into making a map - or something.

Yet to come are these titles:
8. Os Olhos do Condor (the Eyes of the Condor) now being prepared
10. The Elements Fight for the Virtuous
11. Ite Milites Audaces... (Go, Daring Knights...)
12. Esto Miles Pacificus (Be a Knight of Peace)
13. Et In Luna Pax (And on the Moon Peace) Or, How the Pope Went to the Moon.

(Oh yeah, great title. That subtitle ought to get some heads scratching at the Vatican - and maybe even in this country!)

There is also a companion volume of short stories:
Quayment Short Stories


At 16 November, 2012 20:39, Blogger Banshee said...

I just got my copies of volumes 5-7, although apparently I should have waited for the feastday of S. Albertus Magnus! Thanks once again for writing such lively and interesting stories.

Btw, I was just wondering how we are meant to pronounce ____ University. "Blank"? "Dash"? "Underline"? "Underscore"?

Although I suppose "Underscore" would be discouraging for their football team....

At 17 November, 2012 15:05, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

Ah! Deep, deep bow... (but virtual... as like Fangorn I cannot - er - bend.)

Ah, a good question, how do *I* pronounce "______ University"? yes, I did tape the Black Hole, though it was in the simplest tech recording, and not suitable for propagation... maybe eventually I will do it well. But when I read it, I seem to recall altering it to say "at a CERTAIN University".

Oddly enough, I have a guess or two where it is, but I have not yet decided. This is in keeping with... er... the style of software development I use - maybe I will write about it eventually. It is VERY handy for such things.

AND I am exceedingly pleased that you had a question - please do ask should you have others. I ought do diddle up a "questions" posting on the D-B-S blogg so others can begin.

My best Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family - and my happiness that you are enjoying the Saga!

At 17 November, 2012 15:05, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

And part 8 is now available... I am awaiting the proof of 9.


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