Monday, November 26, 2012 – or Eetook AGAIN?

Did you hear that silly whine about the world ending "soon" because of some old maya calendar? Well, the world doesn't end regularly every four hundred years (tha is, if you are a Catholic, or at least accept the Real World as it is, like the Scholastics) so we don't have to worry very much, since the predicted transition is just a minor turning of the Maya "Long Count" odometer, from to - that is the end of a baktun, or 20*20*18*20 days. (That comes out to a little over 394.5 years.) It's not worth my wasting time to recount (pun) the curious mechanisms they used; they did not do intercalations, and like some other cultures left their New Year's to drift across the seasons.

It appears that several archaeologists and historians have made guesses about how the Maya "Long Count" (written as five numerals with periods between) aligns with ours. One indeed brings the End-of-the-Baktun, to be sometime this year; another puts it sometime in 2013 or 2014, and a third has the new baktun,, begin on December 23, 2015.

It is this version of the computation which I have used in my latest book,, which is the ninth installment of my Saga, De Bellis Stellarum. This chunk has a lot of action and some very terrifying scenes... but I must not reveal too much here.

Visit here for more information, or to order it.

Oh, yeah, I forgot. If you are wondering about what "Eetook" is, that was the last little "end-of-the-world" whine to hit the Media, about 12 years back, the famous comet denoted as "Y2K", doomed to annihilate all technical things at the end of December 1999... See here for more about that, and also its remedy.


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