Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A report for ten-ten

It is Autumn now, or Fall - and it seems time is speeding by for me - I visited a friend, then a friend visited me - and both of those encounters deserve lengthy reports, but I have no time, alas.

Then there was a question about a posting from quite some time ago - about GKC's essay "The Conscript and the Crisis" from his A Miscellany of Men - for which I hope to write a short study when time permits.  This contains that wonderful and very high tech insight into that "thing which is going on all the time" - that is, the Catholic Mass - which was presaged in the prophecy of Malachias. VERY high-tech... hopefully I will get to that very shortly.

But the one thing that I ought to tell you is that I have completed the writing of the final installment of my Saga, and have now returned to working on releasing the next installment, The Tree of Virtues.  This means I can also report that there will be a total of THIRTEEN books in the series, which does not include the already-released volume called Quayment Short Stories.  Given that there are 13 members of the Chivalry Club, and one of their great foes is sometimes called "The Thirteen" - and the hilariously goofy (and erroneous) Maya "calendar" will turn to in an upcoming installment, it seems very fitting that there will be 13 books to this portion of the Saga. 

(Oh - does that scare you? Not the 13 thing... the "this portion" thing. Yes, as things stand, while the "Saga" is completed, there is plenty more to come. Two good-size chunks are already written about a man named John Fisher and his activities in the late 1840s... the Saga is replete with mentions of the "Fisher Plan" and this will help explain its origin.)

So, once I get a little further with the next book, I hope to resume more frequent postings here, especially about the writings of GKC - and also Father Jaki, over on the Duhem Society blogg.


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