Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great News: How Far Is It To Bethlehem?

My friend Nancy at "Flying Stars" has some great news about her new book - How Far Is It To Bethlehem? - a collection of the plays and poems of Frances Blogg Chesterton.

Yes, amazing. This book bears out a famous phrase by GKC about Christmas:
When that contrast between the cosmic creation and the little local infancy has been repeated, reiterated, underlined, emphasized, exulted in, sung, shouted, roared, not to say howled, in a hundred thousand hymns, carols, rhymes, rituals, pictures, poems, and popular sermons, it may be suggested that we hardly need a higher critic to draw our attention to something a little odd about it...
[GKC, The Everlasting Man CW2:301-2]

Indeed, it might not be too daring to suggest that in Frances' case, even more than in Gilbert's, her middle name ought to be "Christmas".

But then such ought to be the focus of all students who follow the Everlasting Man...


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