Saturday, January 07, 2012

De Bellis Stellarum - a first hint of what is coming


De Bellis Stellarum
A multi-part Saga
by Dr. Thursday

"It is between light and darkness, and everyone must choose his side."
-- the last words of G. K. Chesterton.
[Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton 650]

On a cold day in November of 1845, a young engineer named John Fisher, an English-born descendent of Catholic recusants and now an American citizen, rescued a young woman from a collapsing bridge. Five years later, he chanced to encounter the formation of a great power of evil - and he swore he would do anything in his power to fight that rising darkness. His plans were laid, and over the next century and a half, the Battle of Light and Darkness went on.

And so - as the 21st century began, and the last of those entrusted with Fisher's Plan died, the responsibility for the Battle fell upon a handful of young men.

These went through a series of amazing adventures, culminating in the re-founding of an ancient order of chivalry, the restoration of a stolen and long-hidden treasure, and an unbelievable journey with an even more unbelievable companion to resolve a war that reached beyond our world.

Are you interested yet?

Well - stay tuned for more information. The Knights will come again.

* * *

I am sure you are wondering why I wrote this now, and not give a link to Amazon or at least to Loome Books. (Gulp!) It's to remind me of what's at stake, as I am about to embark on the most critical episode of the Saga, and I need your prayers if it's to be completed. And yes, I hope to arrange to have some part of it available in the near future - God willing.

Because, as Mark Weaver told his brothers, "Someone has to do the hard jobs."


At 07 January, 2012 10:39, Anonymous Aidan Mackey said...

Peter, It is always good to read your work, so keep at it! If I, in my 90th year and crumbling by the hour, still get a little done, then youngsters like you have no excuse whatsomever for idleness.
Blessings, Aidan

At 07 January, 2012 14:06, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

The world eagerly awaits the "coming of the Knights".

At 11 January, 2012 20:25, Blogger Therese said...

Peter, I think this is your real calling. Set sail!


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