Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Alert - Longest Advent coming up!

Just a quick note to call your attention to the fact that this year our Advent will consist of 28 days - that is, four full weeks:

So you ought to plan accordingly. Note also that 28 is a perfect number:

28 = (1*28) = (2*14) = (4*7)
28 = 1 + 2+14 + 4+7

as well as triangular:

28 = 1+2+3+4+5+6+7

which means there's all sorts of possibilities for fun, be it psephy or otherwise.

A note: "psephy" was a sort of game, sometimes used for attempting to foretell the future or gain insight into mystical writings. In several ancient languages (such as Greek), the symbols of the "alphabet" were also used as what we now call "digits". Thus, any given word could be converted into a numerical value, which (by some views) was thereby related to other such words. Its most famous instance is found in Apocalypse/Revelation 13:18 in the "number of the Beast" 666, which has been given a whole long list of meanings. Very few people seem to recall the number of Christ, which is in some ways more interesting - it is "alpha omega" (see the same book, 1:18) which in the old Greek notation comes out to what we now write as 801.


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