Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Driving to Quayment

Dr. Thursday drove to Quayment? Huh? Sort of like J. K. Rowling taking a train to Hogwarts, or J. R. R. Tolkien sailing to Middle Earth?

Well, no. I didn't drive to an imaginary town from my Saga. I am not quite that far gone. Not yet. But I did drive into Another State, and in the general direction of the region where Quayment lies - actually I guess I was somewhere in the area of Blueville, if you know where that is, just a way up the Hardystone from Quayment, which of course is on the Atlantic, somewhere south of Philadelphia. And I did see a sign that said "Bay Bridge" and had some other experiences which reminded me of the Saga.

Also last weekend, I decided to spend a little time in building a family tree program to handle all my characters. Here's just a sample:
Lots of fun. (If you are wondering who those "Z" people are, they are sort of place-holders for characters whom I have not yet been introduced to!)


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