Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As this is not a bissextile year...

Today, being February 22, the feast of the chair of St. Peter in a non-bissextile year, we begin our traditional novena in commemoration of the Papacy and of Subsidiarity.

It would take me far more disk space than anyone is willing to allocate for free if I were to begin to set forth a proper discussion of how Subsidiarity and the Papacy are interconnected, and why they ought to be honored together. They are; it is not simply a matter of Leo XIII's Rerum Novarum or Pius XI's Quadragesimo Anno or John Paul II's Centesimus Annus - nor even of John XXIII's Pacem In Terris. It is something inherent in the office, as it is inherent in the priesthood: it is a matter of right order, and the setting into functional arrangment of huge organizations, indeed, of organizations of cosmic size.
And such huge organizations need to be organized exceedingly well, and there is no other scheme of organization which can excel subsidiarity, either from a technical or efficiency standpoint, or (what is more important) from the view of fairness, justice and moral good in the social realm. (It's also simple, which is a critical trait for such things. The fact that it is also dramatic is a matter I must defer to another time.)

But I am already taking too long. I am still seeking a publisher for my book. (See here for an introduction.) Once it comes out, you will know more about the inner details. (Just two quick examples: what personal virtues would you expect to be required in such a system? And why? Also: what happens when things go wrong in that system? I have answers to these and more.)

However - I am sure you are curious to know why I begin on this feast, and not end on it? That one happens to be much easier to answer. It is because March 2 is the "Feast Day of Subsidiarity" - the day on which my system for local ad insertion (providing transport and playback and all ancillary functions like monitoring) went live, back in 2000 - a system which implemented subsidiarity in a visible and indeed study-able manner. Even before that year, March 2 was a famous day, and one which I will explain in my book. (But that is a surprise I am saving.)

For today, I would simply suggest that you add a prayer for Benedict XVI - today, and each day until and including March 2. And also for every organization, large or small, for management and for workers, for all which could benefit from this grand scheme of "thirteenth century metaphysics"... that is, of putting things into their proper order.

Tu es Petrus et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam.
You are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church. [Mt16:18]

St. Peter and all holy popes, pray for our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, and for the flock he guides, and bring us home to our Father's house. Amen.


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