Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Something of an Else

Ah, there are certain priceless verbal jewels, and my title is one of them. It comes from something I read in high school, quoted in Science Digest for June 1972, a magazine my chemistry teacher let me borrow:

Here is something of an else. If water from the ocean is mixed with vapor it is lighter than air. It's the oddest truth.

The article was called YOUNG SCIENTISTS TACKLE MYSTERIES OF THE DEEP" by Harold Dunn - a grade school teacher collecting youngsters' malapropisms for 20 years. (These were transcribed for me by my mother, who assisted me in so many ways.)

Today I have Something of an Else to tell you.

As you may know, I dislike it when my computer has free time, so I assign it various projects. One of them is... ah, but perhaps I better not say.

However, one of the results I think I may reveal is this.
The number
399 999 959 999 993
is prime, and also a palindrome.
As that young scientist observed so long ago, it's the oddest truth.


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