Friday, July 16, 2010

News for the feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

First, I got some good news yesterday about a personal difficulty and wish to thank God for it. Clearly someone was praying for me very hard - and I am grateful for that too. Please don't stop. For my part, I continue to pray for all who read this blogg, and even for those who don't.

Now, for some more exciting news. I have finished the next component of my great Saga: The Tree of Virtues, in which we get to hear some more about Quayment and the Weaver triplets, about Steve Brown and his two young associates, and a lot of other curious characters. Some very unusual juxtapositions of extreme high tech, of strange history, and even stranger historical secrets... all interwoven with an ever-growing drum-beat, rather like Ravel's "Bolero". Oh yes, a will and a lot of money, and a snake too, and something about a secret under St. Peter's Basilica. Quite exciting. No artwork yet, as this one required a good bit of software to be written first, but I hope to prod the Art Department into getting something together eventually. Right now there's a lot of editing to do, and I'm still waiting to hear back from my lab assistants who are the first to experience our new products... hee hee.

Also, I set up another fun tool in the hope of keeping my computer out of trouble. It is busy determining primes of 15 places which are palindromes... Oh boy! We all know from the Media how important these are to our planetary security, so we can all sleep better knowing that numbers like
100 000 323 000 001
are prime. (After all - we all know from movies that extraterrestrials can't read English, even if they understand our method of measuring latitude and longitude, and use the same diatonic system of music... let's all hum d-e-c-C-G together, shall we? Hee hee!)

Here's another, just for your own personal satisfaction:
115 731 626 137 511
So elegant. I grant you there is wonderful art to be found in sunsets (or sunrises, if you are up early enough for them) and in ocean waves and rain and roses and frogs and stars and galaxies, or even in the muscles of the hand or the retina of the eye. But let us not forget there are marvels in the numbers as well, just as there are marvels in words and even in thoughts... so generous is our God.

Let us therefore, as St. Paul says, "dedicate ourselves to thankfulness." [See Col 3:15 as translated in the Divine Office]


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