Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Road - and That Fall Feeling

With Fall (or is it Autumn?) about to equinox down upon us, it gives that feeling of going to the store for some cider, and perhaps a seed-cake or two, and maybe some beer. Start a fire - oops, no fireplace here, I'll have to use a Maxwell equivalent to make some toast and tea. (You know, that thing that sings the music of the -OH bond. For the toast I have to use something else, it's Ohm's law you know.) Then I'll get out The Hobbit and follow Bilbo out onto the Road...

What a thrill, to be on the Road - with dwarves.

Yes, it is a good time to do this, for it was 31 years ago that I did it for the first time, and I think of my trip to the West and recall gratefully my friend "CJ" who gave me the three volumes of LotR.


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