Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Draft of The Three Relics completed!

Great news - I have just completed a draft of the concluding portion of my fantasy novel, The Three Relics!

This is the "saga" about the famous Weaver's Bookstore in Quayment, and the Weaver triplets, and three curious book-related relics, and the Evil Powers and the Forces of Light... (oh boy!) It's all very Chestertonian, and full of all the things I really like. I think you'll like it too. I have previously announced the first two components, and have now finished the collection:

1. The Black Hole in the Basement
2. The Creatures Who Live in the Walls
3. The Horrors in the Attic
*** additional detail suppressed for security reasons ***
and I must not forget the prequel, The Wreck of the Phosploion.

I am now revising the draft, and hope to compel our art department to produce a map and perhaps at least a cover picture if not some additional illustrations. They have not done ANY more for the other parts, as they have been quite lazy - I do not understand this work ethic. Why should they relax while the writer is going through such difficult labours? Oy vey.

One of the more delightful bits is the book raffle held at the Gutenberg Festival - as we know from Uncle Gilbert, "The greatest of poems is an inventory." [Orthodoxy CW1:267] I think you will enjoy learning about the great bookstores of Quayment and see their offerings... I hope to post it shortly.

Unfortunately it will not be available in electronic form, at least not in the near future, so until I find a publisher you will simply have to "wait in joyful hope"...

If, on the other hand, you find you cannot be patient, you can buy the insanely overpriced originals from Loome - search for author "Thursday".


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