Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Wreck: Joe's Report

I have posted the "second" half of the story of the Wreck of the Phosploion, as reported in December 2004 by Joe Outis (known to some of us as "Joe the Control Room Guy"), to his co-worker Andy Atchison and Andy's cousin Ann Appleton. (Joe was a college sophomore in 2001; he was home in Quayment for Christmas.)

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Now, a few comments about the cover picture for the book. (Yes, it is illustrated by the author.)

The artist has provided us with a clutter in his usual haphazard manner, trying to give a sense of its unusual combination of elements in action. In the top half we have what appears to be a view (looking west, from the sea) of the "little bay" of Quayment: on the left is lighthouse, out at the end of the Point, and on the right, high on the north hill, is St. Ambrose's Roman Catholic Church, which some call a "cathedral" - it has a navigation light in its tower. Their light illuminates a rather strange medieval document in a plastic bag in the center. The famous Weaver's bookstore can be noted to the left of St. Ambrose's. Below the document is a glimpse of the scene out at the shoals, with the Phosploion itself, smoking and on fire; just in front is the Remmirath racing to her aid. On the right side is "Benny's", and yes that is a menorah on top.

Finally, along the bottom we see the six main characters of the story. On the left are the Weaver triplets: Mike, Mark, and Matt, and their classmate Tom Felsen. On the right are tall, blond Mike Tronder, and Joe Outis at the wheel of the Remmirath. Joe grew up in Quayment and learned sailing and seamanship from his grandfather Phil Fenster, who owned the Remmirath at the time of the wreck, but was too ill to assist. There are a couple of other details which will be made clear in the story.

Please note: this is the "second" part of the Wreck story - the "first" is reported from the view of the Weavers - but it will not harm you if you read it first. Though it will obviously be better for you to read the main story about Joe before this one, it barely alludes to the events therein.


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