Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dailey's Brewery and the Other Control Room

Today I posted two more chapters of my novel, 37 and 38. The famous Dailey's Brewery is just across the river from another famous place, Rose's Restaurant, which is where Andy and Joe go for breakfast after they attend Sunday Mass at the... but I mustn't spoil it. You'll have to read it. You will read it eventually - and besides, you really ought to, before the movie comes out. Hee hee.

I also added the illustration for chapter 36, which shows Joe in the driver's seat of Bob Ringgold's strange "motley" car:

Again I apologise if there is no Chevy on earth which actually looks like that - I've said before how much trouble we have with our illustrator, we're still missing the pictures for several chapters I've already posted! Though you must bear in mind that Bob's garage buddy Matt has modified it significantly, both inside and out. Yes, Bob races it, in the Pennsylvania regional hillclimb races; the races are real (for information see here but please don't try to learn any technical specifics from my story. Yes, I've gone up one of the courses in my own car, though at a normal driving speed - that part is quite real. No, I have not raced, nor expect to do so. But I've been to them, and they are fun to watch.


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