Thursday, September 04, 2008

Doc Knows Magic? Oh yeah!

Yes I used magic. (I even have a magic wand, though (as you will learn) my kind of magic doesn't use a wand.)

But yes, we certainly used magic where I used to work. Ask the Control Room Guys! I wrote magic into the system, to take care of things that couldn't be done any other way. It was great. Dangerous? Sure. Power like that, to directly command the... well, I can't go into that here. But you can get a sample in the chapter of my novel I just posted.

I know some of you think it is all a fantasy. But there was a real company, and you can read about it here. Our former customer still can't get our run rates, but that's their problem now. I've told you it's done by thirteenth century metaphysics, which means Aquinas and Bonaventure and all that bunch. With actual 24/7 Carmelite backup, too. Quite serious. But when necessary, we also did magic. And yes, it is all completely licit.

So I am quite happy to have written an authentic Catholic novel which contains magic. Dragons? No, there are no dragons. Sorry. Not in this story. But even the Bible, even the old blessing of telegraphs have dragons... OK ! So maybe a future story will have dragons, but I'm not promising anything. Ahem. But the fact that Pope Benedict was talking about resurrecting the Index just to put my works on it is another matter - that was due to my short-story sequence called "The Black Hole in the Basement", which happens in Quayment. I have not yet posted that on my story blogg. If I do, you can decide whether it's worth writing to Roma about. You may wish to write anyway. I can't stop you. But I think he'll enjoy my story, because it has subsidiarity in it, which is lots more powerful and harder to spell. Hee hee.


At 04 September, 2008 19:14, Blogger Nancy C. Brown said...

Oh gosh and golly, I just spilled my soda. You forgot to warn me! I am laughing and laughing, what a sense of humour you have today, Dr. Thursday! I can just picture Pope Benedict, speaking in his German accent, "Vee haf to contain zis man, zis so-called docktor, he'z writing eez getting zo out of control! Ver eez my list of banned books? I need to find it here zom-vere..."


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