Wednesday, December 20, 2006

December 20, 2006 (S3) Glutamic Acid

Glutamic Acid - the Crowning with Thorns (S3)

December 20, 2006 - (Clavis David) - Four days to the Vigil!

Today's mystery recalls how the vicious Romans took some sharp spiny brambles, made them into a cap, then jammed it onto the head of Jesus. Yes, that same head which once lay against His mother. But it was for us that He came! Yes, soon we shall celebrate that coming, and still we look forward in our countdown:

O Clavis David! O Key of David! Come, open your doors for us; lock the gates against our foes. Hurry, and do not delay!

For this second mystery of torture, I use the other of the two amino acids with acidic side chains, called Glutamic Acid, or (because like Aspartic Acid, ionizes in the water of the living cell) also termed Glutamate.

Glutamic Acid - or Glutamate (abbreviated Glu or E)
RNA Codes:

Glutamate has only two codes, both of which begin with GA, and are followed by a purine (A or G) - note that yesterday's Aspartic Acid has the other two GA codes - here two very similar side chains share very similar codes.

The side chain of Glutamic Acid is nearly the same as Aspartic Acid - there is merely one additional methyl group -CH2- which means if the side chain is the three-carbon propanoic acid - another organic acid, similar to acetic acid: sour and smelly, though somewhat weaker chemically as well as heavier.

Is there really any point to consider such details here? No. More horrors, pain, and insults for our suffering Lord.

Let us pray that our actions may never add new thorns to that crown!


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