Sunday, September 17, 2006

Prayers for a doctor-to-be

As you traverse through the bloggs, you will often hear requests for prayers. There are so many needs and urgencies, so many people suffering and dying, and so much evil to thwart... but there is also good which needs support - such as a vocation, and the pursuit of knowledge which will advance the glory of God and accomplish good on earth.

Hence according to the principle of Subsidiarity, I appeal to those who can help. As we all should, whether we ourselves need help, or to ask help for others who need help that we cannot otherwise supply by direct action. It is, after all, the Communion of Saints.

This request is made through St. Thomas Aquinas, for "Peter" at "Catholicae Testudines" who is about to defend his doctoral thesis on Sept 25. See here for more details.


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