Monday, July 24, 2006

Prescription: Prayer

Another very interesting and strongly suggestive excerpt from the 1908 book The Popes and Science by Dr. Walsh.

It sounds like a good prescription to me!
--Dr. Thursday

Some of the most distinguished specialists in mental cliseases in Germany, France and England are on record as believing that one of the most helpful agencies in the relief of certain symptoms of mental disturbance, and even the cure of milder forms of insanity, is confidence in the Almighty as expressed by prayer. At a meeting of the British Medical Association two years ago, [1906] this idea was expressed very forcibly by a distinguished specialist, and was concurred in by a number of those at the meeting of the Section on Mental Diseases. He said:

"As an alienist and one whose life has been concerned with the suffering of the mind, I would state thát of all hygienic measures to counteract disturbed sleep, depressed spirits and all of the miserable sequels of a distressed mind, I would undoubtedly give the first place to the simple habit of prayer. ... Such a habit does more to calm the spirit and strenghten the soul to overcome mere incidental emotionalism than any other therapeutic agent known to me."


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