Saturday, May 27, 2006

Monday - GKC is 132

Just a reminder to all the nieces and nephews of our Aunt Frances and Uncle Gilbert:

Monday May 29 is G. K. Chesterton's 132nd birthday.

Please be sure you have enough bacon and beer in case you... I mean - er - any visitors stop in and they are hungry or thirsty.

Just to help you prepare I have posted a really great essay, chock full of all the typical Chesterton things. (Actually this was instigated by Nancy over at Flying Stars who was talking about words and their meaning. If I had some time I would jump in on this topic, which is lots of fun, being a computer scientist, and a Chestertonian... But even though it's the weekend, I have a lot to do today. Perhaps I will have some more for you on Monday.


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