Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Attention! the Great Novena is about to begin!

Tomorrow, Thursday May 25, is the feast of the Ascension - which means the next day begins the Great Novena to the Holy Spirit. The nine days of prayer, first kept by the Apostles as explicitly commanded by Jesus Himself, are still being performed by Christians almost 2 millennia later.

As you may recall, we have had a number of novenas here, and made special note of the Great O Antiphons, and other times and seasons. But now, for the first time on this blogg, we are celebrating this very special and holy nine days!

Please join me and others all around the world in nine days of special prayer, in particular that Holy Spirit will strengthen His seven powerful Gifts within us.

I don't have a link to recommend - there are a number of forms, traditional, formal, and also personal, which you can use. But most importantly, we ought to beg God for His help: "Sin is the result of ignorance, weakness, and indifference. The Holy Spirit is the source of LIGHT, of STRENGTH and of LOVE. We ought to invoke Him daily..."


At 24 May, 2006 18:46, Blogger Rick Lugari said...

Great reminder. Of all the novena start dates I have written down on my calendar, I didn't even think to note a Pentecost one. To make matters worse I actually looked at Pentecost because I marked that as the beginning of St. Anthony's novena whose feast is on the 13th. Doh!


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