Saturday, January 28, 2006

We Advance Into a Bigger KOSMOS

Thanks to my e-friend Rhapsody, and to some technical wizardry of the Googles, I have set up the arrangements to cause my blogg to appear in other languages!

You can find the buttons in the box called `O KOSMOS on the right. (That's Greek for "the universe"!)

It was quite impressive to see. As yet they do not have either Latin or Greek or Vietnamese... but I expect they will be adding more as time goes on.

I am not enough of a linguist to comment on the correctness, though I do see that when I mis-spell a word, it goes over untranslated. I am sure this will be a real source of delight, and I heartily express my thanks to all those "behind the curtain" who have helped accomplish this marvel.

Just for my amusement and edification, I will post four versions of the "header" for my blogg, as produced by this marvellous toy:

Le Favori De GKC
Frances Blogg a été consacré à G. K. Chesterton. Est ainsi ce blog - et ainsi vous pouvez vous attendre à n'importe quoi "du porc à la pyrotechnie" que "illustre la vérité de la seule philosophie vraie..." [GKC, La Chose ]

Favorito De GKC
Frances Blogg fue dedicado a G. K. Chesterton. Está tan este blog - y así que usted puede contar con cualquier cosa "del cerdo a la pirotecnia" que "ilustra la verdad de la única filosofía verdadera..." [ GKC, La Cosa]

Favorito Del GKC
Frances Blogg è stato dedicato a G. K. Chesterton. Così è questo blog - ed in modo da potete prevedere qualche cosa "da porco alla pirotecnica" che "illustra la verità di unica filosofia allineare..." [GKC, La Cosa]

Liebling GKCs
Frances Blogg wurde G. K. Chesterton eingeweiht. Ist so dieses blog - und also können Sie alles "von Schweinefleisch zu Pyrotechnik" erwarten, der "veranschaulicht die Wahrheit der einzigen zutreffenden Philosophie...", [ GKC, Die Sache]

Amazing. Now I am going to see how these translate...

(I hope it won't explode in my face.)


At 28 January, 2006 21:26, Blogger rhapsody said...


Tres bien, Docteur Jeudi!

(hope it translates well:)


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