Thursday, December 08, 2005

Special Note for Today's Feast

Some time ago, I stumbled across a piece of information (I think it was over on Studeo) which I had long wanted to obtain. Now you can see it for yourself.

It is simply the Hail Mary translated into various languages.

Mathematicians who deal with the interesting field called "vectors" know of something called "the cross product" whereby two non-zero vectors give rise to a new vector perpendicular to the plane containing the others. This kind of list is a sort of intellectual cross-product. Not only does this list contain instances of a prayer (that is, a form of communication) but it is a curious miniature of the that amazing human talent or skill called language... Their cross product, is, well, uh, it will take you into another dimension of thought.

Examine it closely, and take a quick tour around the world - then move onward to more exalted realms.

(A long time ago I saw a library book with the Our Father in over 150 languages... it had a comparable effect.)


At 10 December, 2005 13:49, Blogger Gene said...

The list of Hail Mary languages from The Mary Page was quite a surprise for me.

I am Bro. Eugene Frank of the Marianist Order and am retired. I always liked G.K. Chesterton.

I have posted this Hail Mary page on my own blog;


At 11 December, 2005 15:44, Blogger Dr. Thursday said...

Welcome, Brother Gene! I hope your Advent is going well. Yes, that Hail Mary list is one of the most amazing things I have seen so far out here in the e-cosmos.

Another one which is quite amazing is called "the Metabolic Chart" - one of these days I will go into that, as it relates to several topics here...

I visited your blogg - it is quite an interesting - and global - collection of topics. Very stimulating to additional prayer, which is always a good thing.

It is also stimulating to see that you have done work in physics - another subject I wish I (a computer scientist) had time to study in depth.

But as you may know, our Mr. Chesterton points out that there really is no such thing as a different subject... it's such a Catholic view of things! (that is, Catholic in both in its upper-case AND lower-case senses.)


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